This is an RP. Anyone can join! :)


The Ancient Continents are in peace. But, EggRey mutated Josh while he's a human into a hedgehog. Can the heroes still win on EggRey? Or will they end up losing?


  • Josh the Hedgehog (E-Josh)
  • Rey the Hedgehog (E-Josh)
  • Jess the Hedgehog (E-Josh)
  • Koji the Fox (E-Josh)
  • Jetris the Hedgehawk (E-Josh)
  • Louie the Fox (E-Josh)
  • Alice the Cat (E-Josh)
  • Mark the Hedgehog(Markakramgirgis)
  • Eternal The Awesome
  • Faust The Unknown



  • Dr. EggRey


  • No G-Modding.
  • No sexual intercourse. (hugging's fine)
  • No trolling.
  • No spam.
  • No controlling a character that's not yours.
  • No bad words.
  • Have fun!
  • Please use grammar correctly.


  • JoshTheHedgehog12 - ON
  • Markakramgirgis - ON
  • TheEternalAwesomeness - ON

Pt. 1 Being a Hedgehog

Human Josh: (trapped inside a machine)

Dr. EggRey: (presses the button of the Mutator)

Human Josh: Aaaggh! (mutates into a hedgehog)

Dr. EggRey: It... can't be!

Josh: Heh, your Mutator has failed to mutate me to an ordinary hedgehog.

Dr. EggRey: Heh. (calls his servant robots, called Egg-7 Bots)

Josh: Hmph. (dashes at the robots, destroying them) What a fool.

???: *stabs one from behind*

Josh: Hm? Who are you? (kicks a robot)

???: The Best in the World. *stabs about four more robots*

Josh: Et.. er.. NAL? (does a karate chop on two robots)


Josh: Heh, EggRey, you have no match for us, you know.

Dr. EggRey: Huh? I don't have robots left!

Josh: You have no escape now.

Dr. EggRey: Oh really? (hops to his Equera Pod) Bye bye!

Josh: Wait! Ugh. He escaped.

Eternal: Uh.. I hate that guy

Josh: Yeah. BTW, let's go to Rey's base.